- portfolio of projects of doom
Game Projects:
Finished Games:

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Born Of Fire - Some dragon on demon rootin' tootin' shootin' action via pyOgre. Used in dragon shmup competition for [Download Zip Package(19.6M)]

PhoneTris - A port of my tetris code for the cellphone! written in Java [JAD File / JAR File (6k)]

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zombieTris - Combining my love for zombies with my love for falling blocks. Written in C & SDL & FMOD. Source included! [Download Zip Package(750k)]

Satanpong - Taking things way back to the wayback, and learning some things about basic game programming. Written in C++ & SDL & FMOD for my lord SATAN [Download Installer]

Mancala - My first real finished game, from 2000. It's a crazy ancient board game my ex-gf taught me a long time ago, and I liked it so much I made a version for the c0mputarrr. Written in Python & Pygame [Download Zip]

Current Game Projects:
THOLOS - An attempt at writing a 3D engine in C++ using OpenGL. Currently supports MD3 character models, walk/run/weapon use animations, as well as an intuitive mouse movement scheme. Working on camera control, particles, and dynamic terrain. [Download THOLOS v0.07 Alpha]

Demos / Graphical Apps:
fireFx - A collection of old sk00l graphical fx: fire, smoke, palette shifting junk, & plasma. In 8 & 16 bit color. [update]: effects vary based on system [Download fireFx]

spectrum - spectrum analysis & beat detection demo, uses mic input. [Download spectrum]

rubik - rubik cube solver. ha-ha! not really, just randomly spins the faces and looks sorta cool. If by some miracle it solves it, you'll get a congratulatory popup message. most likely you won't. I let this thing run for a day, it turned the faces over 13 million times and didn't solve it. Written in C++ using wxWindows [Download rubik v0.01]

videoChaos - plays random video clips seamlessly using DirextX's VMR9 [Download coming soon...]